Thursday, June 29, 2006

speaking of food...

...this is a good time to bring up the Chowhound meal I went to on Saturday.

Dominican Restaurant
This month's pick was Dominican Fine Cuisine, on St. Clair west of Oakwood. Hard to pick it out in this pic - look under the orange and black sign on the left.

Continuing a trend when we go to restaurants serving Latin cuisine, we were serenaded with music. There was a birthday group behind us, who had the servers drumming on the top when the a candlelit flan was brought out.

Fried Chicken Beef Stew Snapper in Coconut Sauce Land and Sea
Left to right: chicharron de pollo (fried chicken), rancheta (beef stew), pargo a la coco (steamed snapper in coconut sauce), mar y tierra (sea and land platter.

I had the latter, which included barbecued chicken (a thigh, meaty and non-greasy), shrimp in a garlic wine sauce (we also ordered these as an appetizer, which disappeared quickly) and a grilled pork chop (very juicy, well-marinated, one of the best chops I've ever had). All meals included salad, rice, plantains and beans. We were relieved the salad was not tossed with Kraft dressing, but disappointed that the beans, while tasting fine, lacked texture.

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