Wednesday, June 28, 2006

one fine kung-fu friday at the revue

Side Marquee
Considering how many times I visited members of the Princess Party Patrol when they lived across from the Revue, it's surprising that I had never seen a movie there until Friday night. Especially given it is the oldest continuously operating movie house in TO.

A brief history of the Revue from Enright's Theatres of Canada.

Revue Cinema Misty Coming Attractions Flavoured Popcorn

It was also the last installment of Kung-Fu Fridays, a series that has bounced around town for a decade. I had checked it out once before, for Bondyra's birthday a couple of years ago. The flick that night was The Golden Mask aka Golden Killah (sound clips). He and a coworker also came for the final edition, preceded by a round of sushi over on Bloor.

Getting Into The Kung-Fu Friday Spirit...
Let's just say they were in the spirit of the evening...or a George Romero film fest. Take your pick.

The trailers were a laugh riot, mostly from the 70s. The one above came from a flick about children and the undead, beings that shouldn't mix. Also featured was one I wanted to call Russ Meyer's Wonder Woman, as the heroine spun like Lynda Carter and breasts were not of the A-cup variety. After a raffle and a few gifts, it was time for the feature presentation: Crippled Avengers (reviews from Kung Fu Cinema and Subway Cinema). Basic plot: bad guy maims four people (one blinded, one made deaf and mute, one made legless and one turned into an idiot after a headcrushing), who learn martial arts and gain their revenge. Great fun to watch with a capacity crowd.

After the Fists Stopped Flying
Alas, this was the last of closing Festival cinemas I had a chance to go to. With any luck, the rumours that the Revue and Royal may have a future ahead of them will come to pass. - JB

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