Thursday, June 15, 2006

letter from london

Hey folks,

Just taking time out to give my feet a rest as Thursday winds down across the pond. Other than an up-and-down first day (I'll save that for next week), the trip has gone well so far. Great sights. Great weather. Good meals for under £10. A sudden addiction to fizzy lemonade and diet Dandelion and Burdock. Mostly bought CDs so far, thanks to better-than-expected prices.

Days have fallen into a pattern. Start with wanderings around Camden Town to note changes (today's discovery: my old laundromat is gone). Head to a major attraction (today: the British Musuem). Wander around those neighbourhoods. End up resting my feet somewhere along Charing Cross, be it bookstores (Borders is open late) or, like tonight, storefronts offering cheap internet.

Every pub I passed today had a crowd spill out onto the street. England won, but, so far, I haven't noticed much car honking or general joy - maybe I'm too deep into the city for that. Still, local pride seems to reign, with storefronts full of paraphenalia with St. George's cross.

I'll file full reports when I return, including that exciting new game show, How Well Do You Know Your Plantagenets?


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