Friday, June 02, 2006

journey through the past department

The Warehouse scanner will have a busy weekend. Over the next few days, various pictures from the past decade will make their way onto Flickr. Digging through old discs and preparing old pictures from London for a "then and now" feature I intend to do after my vacation are the driving force behind this.
As a teaser, here are a couple of pages from my university residence's zine, The Arts House Forum...mostly because these were already on disc. Usually put out once a year, it was an excuse for a bunch of us to sit around the hall and cut up magazines and photos. This spread from 1996 features a little-known corner of Guelph musical history. The band members wrote their bios, though I added a detail or two ("appalling stage presence" derives from a heavy-listening-of-late-60s-Mothers-of-Invention-albums phase I went through at the time). Sadly, that is my chicken-scratch handwriting. - JB

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