Monday, June 26, 2006

down in the grove

Went on a Psychogeography walk Thursday night, this time circling Dufferin Grove Park. I've brushed past the park several times, but never taken a good look at it before.

I would have loved this place as a kid.

There is a strong sense of community behind Dufferin Grove, complete with an extensive website from its Friends. My cynical nature was nicely shaken - nobody has walked away with the toys? The cooking area is not a vandalized shambles?

Conversations in the Yurt Roof of the Yurt
The first structure we noticed was an Uzbekistani yurt, raised a few weeks earlier. The left photo gives an inkling of how large the interior is, while the roof is on the right.

Notice for Climbers Kitchen (1)
Next was the cob courtyard and cooking area. The structure reminded me of Southwestern adobe-style. Methinks I'll be back when the ovens are in use.

Kitchen (2)
The taps were still on and the bottle of Sunlight was full, which came in handy when I accidentally touched an item that might have been an old diaper.

Orphaned Pants
Do these pants belong to anyone?

Nearby was a giant sandpit, complete with shovels and hoses for moats, canals, etc. This would have been up my alley as a kid, with all the waterways I attempted to build at Holiday Beach or Malden. The sand stretched out for half-a-block, providing plenty of space for kids to get dirty. Alas, the water was off, so no chance to see how my sand moat skills hold up.

After, we meandered south along side streets, nearly ending up at Dundas. On the way back, discovered the following signs:

My Fence is Sacred
One wonders how much of a deterrent this is. There was debated about whose snow might be exempt from this decree.

Advertising with Pipe Cleaners
How to grab a potential renter's attention: write your sign with pipe cleaners. This sign had a purple twin posted to the house. - JB

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