Monday, June 19, 2006

how well do you know your plantagenets?

The game show that storming the world faster than (insert name of this week's hot game show)!

What the heck is a Plantagenet?
Besides being the name of a town east of Ottawa, Plantagenet is the name applied to the family that ruled over England (and, at various times, chunks of France as part of the Angevin empire) from 1154 to 1399. Technically, the Plantagenets carried on until 1485, but monarchs after 1399 tend to be classified as belonging to the Houses of Lancaster or York, the main combatants in the Wars of the Roses.

The object of the game is to test your skill at recognizing Plantagenet monarchs from their tomb effigies. The pictures used in today's game were taken at the Cast Courts at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Click on the images for larger versions.

Ready to test your knowledge? Here we go...

(1) Plantagenet (1) (2) Plantagenet (2)
(3) Plantagenet (3) (4) Plantagenet (4)

(1) His brother also occupied the throne. In fiction, not a friend of Robin Hood.
(2) Inadvertently ordered the death of a friend he had fallen out with politically, the subject of a T.S. Eliot play that had nothing to do with cats.
(3) Spent just six months of his entire reign in England.
(4) First post-1066 child monarch of England. Son was nicknamed Longshanks.

Players may leave their guesses in the comments box. - JB

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