Saturday, April 25, 2009

vintage detroit tigers scorebook ad of the day

Vintage Ad #780: Baseball Fans Guide to Ball Park Franks

This ad appeared in Tiger scorebooks for several years, providing fans with all they needed to watch out for when downing hot dogs. Ball Park Franks were developed for the Tigers by a local meat packer in the late 1950s and continue to be sold at games, even if they no longer promise to plump when you cook them—there's no trace of a slogan I often heard during childhood on Ball Park's website. Could the expansive quality of hot dogs no longer be an attractive quality?

The 1976 edition of the Tigers climbed out of the American League East basement after two consecutive last place finishes, though they still stunk (74 wins, 87 losses). The bright spot was rookie pitcher Mark Fidrych, who passed away two weeks ago. Gaining national attention for talking to the ball and other antics, Fidrych's 19-9 record earned him Rookie of the Year honours.

Source: 1976 Detroit Tigers Scorebook - JB

CORRECTION: I goofed. The slogan is in the title bar of the website.

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