Thursday, April 09, 2009

skeptical cow department

Vintage Ad #771: But Is It the RIGHT Truck to Transport a Cow In?

Based on today's ad and one posted last week, I'm coming to the conclusion that 1945 was a golden year for humourous usage of cows in automotive part manufacturer ads. Nothing like a bug-eyed bovine to convince buyers to try out new axles!

United States News published its first issue in 1933. Its emphasis was on hard news or, as the front cover of the issue today's ad was drawn from proclaimed, "the only magazine devoted entirely to reporting, interpreting and forecasting the news of national affairs." International news was left to its sister publication, World Report. The two magazines merged in 1948 and continue to this day as U.S. News and World Report. More on the contents in a future post.

Source: United States News, September 14, 1945 - JB

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