Tuesday, April 07, 2009

what sort of man reads playboy (or mad?)

Vintage Ad #782: What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? (2)

The answer: a man who makes a wonderful survey statistic. Never mind if he likes jazz, in-depth interviews, cartoons or boobs. The success of Playboy in the late 1950s and through the 1960s made a parody almost inevitable...

Vintage Ad #783: What Sort of Man Reads Mad?

...as with this take from the "usual gang of idiots," who take deadly aim at the social status some followers of the "Playboy Philosophy" hoped to achieve.

The fun continued inside, with an issue of Playkid (a junior version to prepare youngsters for the adult world). This parody included a spread on hip fashions for sophisticated fourth graders (space helmets from Woolworth's and worn-out Keds) and the Playmate of the Month, the Coppertone Girl.

Sources: Mad #61, March 1961 and Playboy, August 1967 - JB

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