this roadtrip has seven days: day seven

Pittsburgh, PA to Amherstburg, ON
Had I followed my original plan, the subtitle of this post would swap Amherstburg for Cleveland, as I had intended to spend a night by Lake Erie. When I saw the first mileage marker on my way out of Pittsburgh, I realized it was going to be a short drive to Cleveland...which also made me realize that I was well within driving distance of A'burg. As fatigue was creeping on me, I decided I could save some energy (and a few dollars) and head home.

With this new plan, I also decided to switch routes. I had been to Cleveland several times, but never through central Ohio, so this seemed like a good opportunity to explore as I slowly drifted back to the Great White North. One stop at a Welcome Centre later, I was off the Ohio Turnpike and onto the back highways.

First stop: Kent.

Tin Soldiers And Nixon Coming
We're Finally On Our Own (title to come)
Several pictures from the site of the 1970 Kent State Massacre. Wandering around, I couldn't get Neil Young's song out of my head..

Four Dead In Ohio
A set of pillar marking where one of the four victims fell. The others had stones formed in various patterns within the rectangle.

From Kent, I headed southeast. Had I decided to stay the night, I might have explored Akron (where Goodyear headquarters looms over the freeway) and Canton (for a stop at the Football Hall of Fame). Instead, going with an earlier theme in the trip, I headed along route 39 through Ohio's Amish country, which my parents visited a decade ago.

The Little Switzerland of Ohio Scenery You Definitely Won't See In Ohio
Yes, you can experience a block of the wonders of Switzerland in Ohio. I didn't stop in Sugarcreek, instead stocking up on more preserves and sauces at various spots down the highway in Berlin.

Mad Anthony St Tom Dick & Harry Alley
This stretch of the state also seems to be home to many oddball street name. I suspect Mad Anthony St. in Millersburg is named after General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, a commander in regional native wars in the 1790s. No explanation for Tom, Dick and Harry Alley in Perrysville. At first I thought it was a vanity sign, but it is a legitimate roadway.

Mechanics Building and Loan Company Need Customers?
Two pictures from downtown Mansfield. On the left, an interesting old bank. On the right, a lame attempt by the billboard company for street credibility. The downtown parking meters remind motorists to drive carefully to save lives.

After a stop in Toledo (to be covered in a future post, as it involves a piece of my childhood that has decayed), I sped back to Detroit, filled up on Mexican food and crossed back into Canada with no incident. Turned out the guard was a former student of Dad's who admired him, so the likelihood of a repeat of the incident going into the US was unlikely.

I drove back to Mom's and thought about where to drive in 2008.

Full photo set on Flickr.


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