one fine evening above the brickworks


Skyline from the Don Valley Brickworks

Sitting at the Overlook (1)

Sitting at the Overlook (2)
When photos don't turn out so hot in their original form, it's Photoshop to the rescue...or at least a chance to play with images like a kid who's been unleashed with a box of crayons (though in my case, that usually meant scribbling indecipherable stories in my picture books).

The lookout above the Don Valley Brick Works provides a great view of the city, especially at night. From the onetime top of a quarry, one can look over to the downtown skyline or traffic whizzing by on the Don Valley Parkway. Despite the latter's presence, it is a peaceful spot. Unlike the last time I was up there, we didn't have to escape via a private backyard.

Note how the lights on Bayview, DVP and other area roads combine in the top picture to form a golden string of light that winds it way into downtown. It resembles an illuminated trail to carry people from the darkness into the distant city, even if the path is winding its way out of the picture.

These photos were taken on last week's Psychogeography walk, which stretched from Broadview subway station to Yonge and St. Clair. Along the way, we roamed through Todmorden Mills and followed the ravine from the Brick Works through to the north end of Rosedale.

All photos taken August 23, 2007 


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