scary santa department

On our way back from a family vacation to Ottawa, we stopped in Merrickville. Mom quickly discovered was full of her kind of gift and home decor stores. Among them was a Christmas store, in which Mom was like a kid in a candy shop...
...with one notable exception.

Scariest Santa Ever?

I was the first to run into Santa. His bulging eyes, lifelike craftsmanship and axe-murderer demeanour caused me to jump. This picture does not do his eyes justice - a side view would review they protruded at least an inch from their sockets. Mom and Amy looked in disbelief. Other customers shared my reaction. I wondered if it was a Halloween item in disguise, for those people who want something scary for October, but secretly can't wait for those radio stations that switch to an all-Xmas format on November 1st.

I definitely wouldn't want to see this Santa coming down my chimney, unless I was fully armed.


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