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While I never owned a plug-into-the-TV video game system until I was pushing 30, I often played with Atari, Colecovision, Videorama, etc. at many friends' homes growing up. I usually passed level one of play about 20% of the time, but it was fun. Digging through stacks of cartridges to find the next game to get royally clobbered at.
Now you can create your own mythical games thanks to the Atari 2600 Label Generator.

Digging through the closest cache of pictures, here's a piece of Canadian history turned into thrilling gameplay...

The game: English and France are at battle for control of Quebec in 1759. Players choose a blue (France) or red (England) soldier to shoot at the enemy to win the battle of the Plains of Abraham. Bonus points for shooting at the occasional bird that flies by...but beware of the poop they spew!

Bonus Feature: There is one Atari commercial that sticks out in my mind, mostly because I was razzed by my peers for admitting I hated it. Several kids decided to sing the jingle at any opportunity to see what my reaction was, at least until the novelty wore off. Older me finds the ad charming for the oh-so-80s graphics used.

Ladies and germs, the Tubes for Megamania.


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