how to make statues of canadian actors scary

Evil Al
Need to an an evil touch to statues of beloved local entertainers? Just make a trip to the nearest convenience store!

While out on a Psychogeography walk a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that as we snapped pictures of group members posing with the statue of Al Waxman in Kensington Market, a weird red glow glared back at us from Al's eyes. It turned out that red gummy bears had been strategically placed on the statue. All that was needed was minilights to add a glowing, statue-come-to-life effect.

Squiddity has a full write-up on this particular walk, which introduced many of us to parts of Kensington we didn't know (the rooftop CN Tower model? Ornate back alley gardens?) along with pictures. I've posted a set on ye olde Flickr site.

Photo taken at Bellevue Square Park, August 2, 2007 - JB


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