a day in the life of a turbinator

Turbinator (1)
On strolls near the Annex, I often wander by the back of Central Tech. The dumpsters often provide good photo opportunities, with a strange assortment of well-used instructional aids, worn-out furniture and the odd toilet.

The most recent discovery: the Turbinator.

Turbinator (2)
Feel free to insert your own Terminator/Turbinator joke.

As for what these chairs might have been used for, a quick Google search makes me suspect they were used for hairstyling, as eBay had a few 1950s-era salon model Turbinators up for grabs.

Turbinator (3)
A pair of Turbinators sat by the dumpsters. The idea of taking them home briefly crossed my mind, until I thought of the vermin that may have crawled in, the marks they might make on my living room floor and the practicality of trying to stuff them into the official Warehouse mobile transport unit. Besides, the classroom chair looked like it needed the company.

Other odd item seen that night: a child-size Jeep, which appeared to be from the company's AMC days.

All pictures taken behind Central Tech, August 30, 2007 - JB


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