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First Roadside Election Sign!
While driving back to the Centre of the Universe (TM) on Labour Day, I came across the first candidate sign not sitting in close proximity to a campaign office or left over from someone too lazy to remove one from their window from the last election. This candidate also appeared to be the only one I saw on my drive to have jumped the writ gun, with several signs sitting by the roadside around St. Thomas.

Going by this sign, it appears John Tory will emphasize his name over the party brand. We saw how well that worked for Paul Martin in the last federal campaign, though his signs missed the crucial "Your ______ Candidate" portion. The toxic stench of Mike Harris lingers over the PCs, which may explain why the early Tory radio ads skip over his party affiliation (680 News loves playing them).

Design wise, I like the white bars setting off the leader name and the party website. I suspect I would extend the bottom white bar to the edge of the sign to balance the top bar, with the PC logo incorporated into the bar or buried elsewhere.

Photo taken at Sunset Drive and Wellington Road, St. Thomas, September 3, 2007 - JB


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