vintage metal men ad of the day

Vintage Ad #285: The Look You Want - When You Want It!
Another fine personal grooming product from venerable magazine advertiser Honor House. If you wanted to remove hair instead of add it, Honor House could also help you. Another previously spotlighted ad demonstrates there must have been a high demand for false facial hair pieces in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

For me, unless I require several disguises for anything vaguely theatrical/Halloweenish, these items would be totally unnecessary, since I can grow any of them in a week or two.

I'd be curious to see the suggestions offered up in the free guide for wearing these pieces "naturally". I suspect dim lighting is involved, so that your date cannot fully make out the seams or adhesive. Even that might not prevent their date from suddenly sprouting a 'stache after a good-night kiss.

Metal Men was part of the DC Comics lineup for most of the 1960s, created as a last-minute emergency fill-in for the company's main anthology, Showcase. The series revolved around a team of robots based on metals, whose creator often had to fend off the lovey-dovey feelings shown by Platinum. Written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito for most of its run, by the time this ad appeared, it had fallen into the hands of artist/writer/editor Mike Sekowsky. The tone shifted from light-hearted fare to robots on the run from humans who feared them, forcing the team to disguise themselves as humans with then-hip professions (model, protest singer, etc). The change didn't work and the series bit the dust at the end of '69.

Source: Metal Men #38, June-July 1969 - JB


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