au revoir hometown mall: the story continues

Before driving back to TO last weekend, I decided to check out the progress on the ongoing demolition of White Woods Mall. Quite a bit had changed since Christmas...
Moving In... RBC Coming Soon
In the back, two new rows of retail are nearing completion. A couple of businesses, such as First Choice and Eye on Video, have already moved into the north set, even if their storefronts are incomplete. The white storefront on the right will be the new home of the Royal Bank.

Entrance Still Standing...But For How Long? Back Boxes
The northwest mall entrance still stands, though you can see there's little to its left, as the old movie theatre/bingo space has been cleared. On the right is the west row of new stores. My grandmother lived in the brown apartment building in the rear in the late 1980s - she was on the top floor, with a great view of town and Boblo Island.

Stop! In The Name of Garbage
A sign of businesses still in the mall cleaning up.

Who's Left?
Over on the front side of the mall, a sign indicating that a few businesses are still operating.

Note the "Road Closed" sign. There is a good reason for this...

Send In The Cranes Rubble at the Front
The southeast side of the mall appears to be at the heart of the current demolition. The rubble and skeletal remains in these pictures were once the drugstore space and parts of The Met/SAAN.

Purple Arches
I'm not sure what the purple arch was for. Anyone?

Are The Boards Being Liquidated? More Like 0 For 1
Are the boards and tarps included in the liquidation sale? Both shots from the north corridor, which I was surprised to see open. The west corridor is only other section that remains intact.

Sunlight on SAAN
A lonely tree next to SAAN, relocated to the other main "bargain retailer" spot in the mall (Big Top, Bargain Harold's. BiWay, etc).

The Pothole Store
I doubt these GTA-sized craters in the parking lot will be fixed until the Bentonville Behemoth moves in.

The Wreckers Await...
A trio of cranes slumber, awaiting the call to continue their mission to tear White Woods down.

Full set of pictures.


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