spork and speef

Vintage Ad #186 - Spork and Speef
Ever since soldiers on the battlefield and rationers on the homefront were hooked on Spam during World War II, tinned processed meats have provided inspiration for advertising artists, cookbook editors and comedy writers. With their compact shape and long shelf life, Spam and its many imitators offered convenience for harried homes.

Kam. Klik. Prem. Treet. Spork. The names cemented tinned meat's comedy potential

My eyes popped when I noticed Spork's "companion meat" - Speef! Is it "spiced beef"? Dog food brought up to human standards? Pressure-cooked meat loaf?

Trust me folks, this ad is only the tip of the tinned meat iceberg...

Links: A guide to Spam and its knockoffs. Also found a site with tons of info about Spam, even if it hasn't been updated since 1996.

Source: National Home Monthly, June 1947


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