the fall 1948 burns tinned meat lineup

Vintage Ad #188 - Canned Meat Trio
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to the public the exciting new fall 1948 Burns tinned meat fall lineup!

First the tender goodness of Burns Meat Balls, so special we have the can under wraps until we come up with a design that does these regal treats justice. Housewives note that Burns Meat Balls are the perfect accompaniment to those rice and pea rings pictured in every general purpose cookbook!

Second comes Burns Bologna, a space-age wonder that provides versatile convenience. Place it between your favourite bread and vegetables for an elegant sandwich. Cut into long round sticks for Baloney Dogs children will love. Serve with pickles as shown here to make you stand out as a sophisticated host at your next party. You'll need more than two cans - try Burns Bologna in triplicate!

Finally, you will be a smiling chef too when you open a can of Burns Pan Fried Hamburgers. It takes a monster pan to provide you with these economic edibles. Why risk food poisoning from poorly butchered fresh ground meat when Burns provides the 100% sanitary alternative? Did we mention it's economical?

Don't forget our satisfying standbys - Spork and Speef!

The fall 1948 Burns tinned meat lineup - stock up your pantry today!

Source: National Home Monthly, September 1948


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