one fine evening at ikea

Entering IKEA
Spent some time at the Ikea in North York earlier this week, helping my friends Paul and Sheila take home a new coffee table and other goodies for their place, while I pondered future additions for my apartment.

This Chair Ain't Got No Alibi
One of the first items we saw was this lovely fold-out chair. Makes one look like the honoree at a funeral. Other items were much better for diving into.

Fine Swedish Literature
A little known fact: the shelving department is home to one of the area's finest selections of high-quality Scandanavian literature. Can anyone provide a translation of the title of this fascinating book?

Do The Most Important People in the World Deserve The World's Slowest Slide? The Conference Table
Left: Checking out the VIP kiddie slide, which provides a very slow descent for adults. Hard to resist the cool kids stuff they have, including wall lamps I've seen in more than a few adult dwellings.

Right: a quick conference to assess the state of what to look for downstairs.

Good Night Octy
Before heading down, we put little Octy to bed. When we saw him attempt to perfect his Alien facehugger imitation by jumping from one customer's head to another in the office department, we knew it was time for the kid to call it a night.

Shining Light on 99 Cent Round Things
Another little-known fact: Ikea is ideal for odd Halloween costume ideas, especially when they're 99 cent wall funnels. It's never too early to start planning! Fashion designers may also wish to take note.

Taking It Easy In The Self-Serve Section
After a busy evening of shopping, time to take it easy with the patio furniture in the self-serve area. On the way out, we nabbed the last two hot dogs of the evening, leaving last-minute tube steak connoisseurs out of luck.

I accomplished a major achievement that astonished the others: I walked out of Ikea with empty hands. Not that I wasn't tempted, but I figure any major purchases can be put off until later this summer, since I figure it will take that long to either conduct a CD purge or finish unpacking the remaining boxes in my kitchen (I want to place either shelving or a second prep area where junk now sits).

We managed to fit coffee table and passengers into the official Warehouse vehicle, even it the backseat occupant had a higher-than-normal view.


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