more scenes from an a&p undergoing demolition

An update to a post awhile back about the ongoing demolition of my hometown's shopping mall. While walking around Amherstburg on Christmas Day, I noticed the construction gate by the old A&P was left open, so I wandered into the remnants of the store.

Jane Parker Tangled Wire
A pile of tangled wires gave me a rusty greeting. About two-thirds of the store is still standing - it appears demolition stopped at a point where construction of a new RBC branch could start.

Eight O'Clock Roof Hangings No Meat Today Tipped Over Thank You For Shopping
Other than dangling materials and the odd leak from the roof, the inside is in reasonable shape. No graffiti was evident, even though I had noticed the gate open the day before. Parts of the floor were intact, as was the manager's office.

Secured Plywood (With Air Miles)
Yes, you can earn Air Miles with plywood. The full set of photos can be found here.


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