east end educational edifices

Last week's TPS wanderings wound up at U of T's Scarborough campus for the opening of Post Object at the Doris McCarthy Gallery. We hopped on a free bus shuttle from downtown and divided our time between the show and exploring the surrounding building.

Locker Block (1) Locker Block (2)
One thing you quickly notice: lockers. Lots of lockers. Block upon block of lockers.

Simply Pink
What educational institution is complete without a jug of Simply Pink?

Barred from the Library
We passed half-a-dozen or more doors to the library, but all were locked. The bars in the window and empty aisles make it look like these copies of books are serving time.

Veterinary Medicine Seminar The More Things Change About Campus Days of Action...
Left: Eddie Murphy, the idol of veterinarians everywhere. Right: the more things change...we swore we'd all seen the exact same signs in our university days.

UT-Scarborough by Night
Exterior shot near the bus stop. Both buildings we wandered through reminded us more of shopping malls than educational institutions.

Can o' Cashews Are These Boots Made For Walkin'?
A couple of discoveries on the walk home after the shuttle bus returned us to downtown. Left: a giant can o' cashews. Right: a window on Spadina, with boots that were made for walkin'.


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