one fine christmas afternoon in amherstburg (1)

Looking for something to do while Mom was busy making Christmas dinner and before relatives began to arrive, I grabbed my camera and walked around town.
No Whoppers Today
First photo stop: the former Burger King on Sandwich St. Other than fewer chairs, the dining room looks as if it could still be in operation.

Drive Thru Drinks
Care for a drink?

Ike's Plaza Ike's Plaza (II)
A few steps north is Sir Isaac Brock Plaza, built when business was booming in the south end of town. Among its tenants over the years: Valdi Food Stores, Donut Delite Cafe (the only donut shop in town for years - Dad often brought home bags of their thick, cakey cherry crullers) and SAAN. Of the seven business listed on the sign above, only three are current tenants (Dollarama and the two restaurants).

Amherstburg Holiday Light Posts Navy Yard Condos
After snooping the remnants of A&P (seen last post), I walked along Dalhousie St into downtown. The left picture shows the Christmas tree decorations that have adorned Amherstburg for years. Note the style of sign marking Gore St.

On the right is the Salmoni Place condo project. The site was formerly the Salmoni Building (1849-2004). Over its lifespan, the building was home to hotels, restaurants and a Stedman's. It sat vacant for years after its last tenant, the Navy Yard Restaurant, closed, with aging spray paintings in its front windows. The demolition was controversial, as referenced in an Ontario Heritage Connection article on protection of heritage properties.


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