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Vintage Ad #1,219: Try This on Your Tribe!

If nothing else with spark you about Rosy Chicken Soup with crackers, the sodium will. We imagine this recipe was conceived under the following conditions:

Fred was a Nabisco test kitchen employee who was famished by the time lunch rolled around on the fateful day. He looked in his locker for something to eat and saw two cans of soup. Without noticing that they were two completely different flavours, he mixed them together. Looking for added ingredients to weaken the salty result, Fred spied milk and cheese in the fridge. "Hmmm," he thought, "if I shredded some cheese and add some crackers on top, this could be a deconstructed grilled chicken and cheese sandwich with tomato soup!" Never mind there was no grilling involved, or that Fred used the term "deconstructed" years before revered chefs did. Fred mixed the ingredients, declared it passable, then wrote down the recipe for future reference in case his bosses were in a pinch for a recipe to print on boxes or in homemaking magazines.

One relief: the non-essential native trappings extend only to the headline and the feathers worn by our happy 1950s family. Perhaps this recipe filled the need for a meal in a hurry before heading out to a sporting event featuring combatants on teams named after native tribes.

Source: Woman's Day, January 1952 - JB


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