mutant eggplant discovered in toronto

Nosy Eggplant (1)

Place: St. Lawrence Market
Time: around 11:30 a.m., Saturday, September 11
Story: Three people browsing the produce stands lining the perimeter of the north market. One finds an unusual specimen among a large collection of eggplants. A specimen than appears to be a mutant among its kind. A specimen with a nose. Not just any nose, but one that would make Bob Hope, Jughead Jones, cartoon hillbillies, and possibly Cyrano de Bergerac proud. Shoppers passing by commented on the unique physical characteristics of this specimen. Naturally we took this eggplant home.

Nosy Eggplant (3)

Upon further inspection, it was revealed that this eggplant also had the beginnings of a tail. When placed at a certain angle, the specimen also bore a faint resemblance to a coffee pot. Whether its veins are filled with the proud pickings of Juan Valdez is subject to further investigation.

Researchers in the Warehouse's laboratory have yet to determine if this unique specimen should be immersed in a preservative fluid for long-term study or sliced up to make eggplant parmesan for the next department potluck.

Photos taken September 11, 2010 - JB


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