can you identify this ttc mug?


One lazy summer day, Sarah and I were taking a quick browse through the Value Village in Leslieville. At the front of the store, one item quickly caught Sarah's eye: a giant mug with the TTC logo on one side and a front end loader on the reverse.

Naturally we bought it.

I've tried to track down any information about the mug and come up with very little. The only hint on the mug itself is a 1982 copyright date under the logo. Our guesses:

  • Part of a set available only to TTC employees (supported by a similar mug with a 1981 date found on Craigslist), perhaps as part of a holiday gift box like the model cars I receive from my employer each year
  • A retirement gift
  • A commemorative item for those involved with the construction/opening of the Scarborough RT (opened 1985)

If you have any background information about this mug, please leave a comment. - JB


emily said…
They did often give out mugs and glasses to employees (my dad has a ton). I'm going to email him to see if he recognizes this one.
emily said…
This is what my dad said (he worked for the buses, which is why he says he never saw this one before):

The Glass mug was normally awarded for working safe, a group of employees which achieved a 100,000 hours of no lost time injuries would receive this gift as recognition of that achievement. This mug would probably have been awarded to an employee that was working in the construction or Plant maintenance group. The Safety Group at the TTC could tell you more but I have never seen this mug before.
Jamie said…
Thanks for the info. May try to contact them (no response so far from TTC PR).
rgfh said…
I recently Bought 4 of these.
Electrical Overhead Emergency Truck
Jet Snow Blower
Electric Locomotive
Front End Loader

Thank you for the info on these
Unknown said…
I have found a jet snow blower version. pretty cool
Unknown said…
Beautiful Post....!!
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