a hallowe'en stroll

Wanting to catch some of the Hallowe'en spirit, I went for a neighbourhood stroll along with Dylan and Nadia last Wednesday. Our route took us through Rosedale, St. Jamestown, Cabbagetown and Church Street.

Nauseated Pumpkin
This pumpkin snuck into the candy bowl early and paid dearly for it. One of the many well-crafted gourds across Rosedale.

The neighbourhood seemed to be divided between streets bustling with activity and streets with an invisible fence keeping trick-or-treaters. While we kept to streets full of decorations, we'd peer down others where one wouldn't even know it was Halloween.

The Dead Wear Dora Diapers Bad Flight Plan
Left: This skeleton excited a large group of trick-or-treaters - "look, he's wearing Dora the Explorer underpants!" One kid rambled on for at least five minutes in disbelief. In terms of views on Flickr, this is the most popular picture of the evening, though I'm not sure if I want to explore the reasons too deeply.

Right: A witch who made an error in her flight path. Accident-prone witches are not as prevalent as a few years, which makes my Mom happy. She saw so many around Essex County and Detroit that she vowed never to buy one.

Melted Witch
Abandoned costume element or a witch who was doused with water? You be the judge of this find on Sherbourne Street.

Off-Model Big Bird
Next stop was Cabbagetown, where we caught this horrifyingly off-model statue of Big Bird in a convenience store window. This was the most fright-inducing sight of the evening - just look at the eyes!

The Children's Television Workshop would not be amused.

Halloween Couple
As we wandered east of Parliament, the last of the trick-or-treaters gave way to adults dismantling displays. We caught this couple watching the cleanup of a tent with a coffin that was once full of candy. After a long night of greeting kids, it was time for them to kick back and enjoy leftover eyeball stew.

Living Tetris Halloween Crowd (2)
After a rest stop at the Tim Hortons in the old Winchester Hotel, we wandered over to Church Street to check out the costumes. We hit a wall of people at the barricades and crept north through the crowd. The packed conditions weren't helped by stage set up on the street, which didn't make sense to us as the point was to watch the crowd. Feeling slightly claustrophobic, we ducked into a back alley, wandering back over to find more breathing room near Wellesley.

As usual, the costumes were spectacular. We liked the guy dressed as a box of take-out noodles (not shown, as I couldn't find a good angle to shoot). We ran into a few people we knew, such as the group of Tetris blocks on the left.

Full picture set. More stories over at Squiddity.


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