holiday inn is #1 in people pleasin'

Vintage Ad #394: Pleasin' Dreams
This pretty much sums up my day - kind of slumbery, except for a short roadtrip into the 'burbs in search of pickle curry spice mix (it was an excuse).

When I was kid, I was fascinated by hotel directories, mainly due to the maps. We usually had the latest Holiday Inn guide kicking around, as it was the chain we tended to stay at. We often picked them up at the downtown Windsor location, which burned down ages ago. Located on the Detroit River, one had to drive down a long ramp to get to the lobby. It also included an Odeon movie theatre, which we rarely went to (the last movie I saw there was Lawnmower Man, which wasn't my choice but since friends were going, why quibble?).

This campaign appeared in early 1980s directories, usually as bookends.

Source: Sports Illustrated, November 30, 1981


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