Wednesday, July 12, 2006

gourmet's gallery: baxters royal game soup

Even though my body and canned soup generally have issues with each other these days, I don't mind the occasional can of an oddball flavour.

Not sure what to expect at security, I decided to only bring back one can of any of the soups tempting me from the shelf at the Camden Town Sainsbury's. Trying to remember flavours I liked that are not/rarely available hear, I settled on dependable old Baxter's. One coin flip later, a can of Royal Game found its way into my cart.

As usual, my worries didn't come to pass. Heathrow security had no problem with the soup, chuckling that I could leave it in my backpack.

Packaging: tasteful black fading into foresty background, complete with tartan cloth and regal-looking deer.

The back has a miniature of the front, plus a backstory for the contents inside.
I'll never forget the story about my grandmother Ethel, making this soup in her kitchen. It's the very first recipe she created & what a soup to start on! Highland venison & pheasant in a rich stock make it a soup of distinction. A crisp Autumn day is the only accompaniment you need. - Audrey Baxter

It's also low in sodium, calories (about 150) and fat (1.2 g).

As for the soup itself, it looks like mock turtle or beef without any extras.

How Does It Taste: Meaty. There's definitely game in there, though the flavour is not super-gamey. Shreds of potato and carrot boost the texture.

Would You Buy This Again?: Definitely. - JB

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