Thursday, July 06, 2006


Growing up, I looked forward to the boxes of chocolates Mom made for Christmas. Sitting in white boxes in the dry sink in the basement, labelled for easy identification, it was hard not to sneak the occasional treat filled with cherries or whatever else she tried her hand at that year.

Those memories came back while trying my hand at making chocolates during a workshop last week at JS Bonbons.

Gettin' Ready to Make Chocolate Dipping the Balloons Bowl at Rest Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Truffle Tray
Left to right: the tools for the evening; dipping balloons in milk chocolate to produce bowls; my bowl forming; dipped strawberries (I make no claims to be able to pipe pretty patterns on any food item); a pan of truffles (the choices were rum, maple, lavender and rosemary).

Lessons learned:
* I have lost the ability to tie a balloon.
* Rosemary and chocolate are a good match.
* When celebrating a new job, like the organizer of this evening, a food-making workshop is a terrific idea.

The Final Result
The final result. My bowl held together after it was loaded with samples of all of the truffles.

Mom has hinted she may try her hand at chocolates again this year, after the bunnies she made for Easter worked out. She may have some competition. - JB

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