Monday, July 10, 2006

spit takes

Busy weekend in the city, with at least 10 official events, fans going wild after Italy's World Cup victory, usual summer happenings, etc.

Naturally, I escaped it all by heading to the Leslie Street spit, aka Tommy Thompson Park.

Tommy Thompson Park Entrance

While I usually explore the spit by bicycle, this time I felt like a quiet walk away from downtown. Being late afternoon, I didn't reach the end, but put in an hour's worth of strolling and photo taking.

Where to Phone on the Leslie Street Spit
Trailers next to the disposal gates. Surprised to see a Bell phone. The park is constructed from a combination of dredging from the harbour, fill from construction projects and the remnants of the peninsula that once linked the Toronto Islands to the mainland.

The Lonely Turnstile
Perhaps the loneliest turnstile in Toronto. Wonder how many people use this for a quick laugh.

Cinder Block Memorial Memorial Site?
Along the south shore lie mounds of rubble that resemble memorial sites, an impression created by the shredded ribbon of white police tape flying over each pile. These add to the post-apocalyptic feel of the surrounding shore.

Forever Under Construction
Permanently under construction?

March of the Geese
No shortage of Canada geese on the spit. This group sat around remnants of bricks, walking calmly as I attempted to snap their picture. Several backyard gardens could be fertilized by the amount of goose shit lying on the road in this section of the park.

Rock with the Blues Aqua Stairs
Blue boulders and stairs. Any guesses as to where the steps originated?

This Caterpillar provided entertainment for several kids before I snapped this picture. - JB

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