Tuesday, July 11, 2006

radio lives on cbc

Vintage Ad #35 - Radio Lives On
The first of several vintage CBC radio and television ads found in the Warehouse's back room...

Having survived changes in the radio market from the onslaught of television, CBC Radio was in the midst of its so-called "radio revolution" in 1972, This entailed moves such as dumping short shows for longer ones and interviewing guests by phone instead of in-studio. Ratings rose.

Several of the shows featured in this ad are still on the air today. Those are: Ideas (launched in 1965), The World at 6, Symphony Hall (1962), As It Happens (1968) and Cross Country Check-Up (1965).

Other notes about those pictured:
Sunday NHL Hockey: The radio version of Hockey Night in Canada, moved over to Sundays once the Saturday telecast took hold.

The Entertainers: a long-running variety program, originally hosted by "Our Pet" Juliette in 1972. Juliette (Sysak) was a singer who gained famed from her TV show, which aired after Hockey Night in Canada in the 50s and 60s.

Our Native Land: native affairs show. The History of Canadian Broadcasting gives its run as 1978-85, though obviously it was on long before that. Pictured is host Johnny Yesno, who can be heard on this clip from New Year's Day 1972.

The Max Ferguson Show: ran 1962-98, it was usually on in the car on Saturday morning drives during my childhood. Ferguson (in the chair)had previously hosted the satirical Rawhide daily. By the 90s, the playlist leaned towards British Isles-inspired material. On his left is announcer Allen McFee, notorious for his on-air antics and host of another show from childhood, Eclectic Circus (1972-89). Useless trivia: Ferguson provided the voice of the Incredible Hulk in the barely-animated 1966 Marvel Super Heroes series.

CBC Vancouver schedule, Fall 1972

Source: Saturday Night, March 1972 - JB

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