Monday, May 29, 2006

reason #353 I should bring my camera everywhere (especially when there's a ttc walkout)

The view from my department's 10th floor office of the gridlock on the southbound lanes of Yonge. A solid line of cars to the horizon. One of the reasons I'm glad I live within walking distance of work. Saw some road rage on the way in, due to drivers unfamiliar with the fine workings of the Yonge/Soudan/Berwick intersection (a van stopped in the middle of Yonge produced a symphony of horns). - JB

UPDATE #1: It's almost 11 AM and traffic is still crawling down Yonge. Wonder how many people decided to chuck it.

UPDATE #2: Coming back from lunch around 1, there were still a few confused souls asking a TTC staffer by the SW Yonge-Eg entrance to the subway station why there was a barricade in front of the escalator to the station. Traffic on Yonge has returned to normal.

UPDATE #3: Surfing the web, Toronto is mad. Very mad. If comments are taken literally, lynch-mob mad. I originally had posted some comments asking people to catch their breath, thinking maybe the heat was aggravating everyone's tempers. New conclusion: wow, did the TTC union pull a boner this time. People are pissed off enough to start tossing words that make me queasy ("privitization"). Recent PR fiascos from both the union and the TTC on a variety of issues are further blackening mass transit's eye in TO.

UPDATE #4 (4:15 PM): Looks like limited service will resume this evening, with full service back up tomorrow.

One thing that makes me laugh and cry at the same time while reading comments across the web: the number of people using this as an excuse to blast the "left-wingers" in City Hall and in general. That style of blame-gaming fills me with disgust, where political platitudes outweigh the issues at hand. I just heard David Miller on CBC and he didn't sound like somebody rubbing his hands with glee over what happened today. Those comments, more than anything else, wanted me to hope that there were cooler heads out there, that it was a bad day and we move on. To what, I can't answer.

Anybody want to lay bets on what the cover of The Sun will say tomorrow? Or where in the city the first burning effigies of TTC workers will be paraded?

LAST WORD: Transit Toronto has an excellent summary and view on the day's events.

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