Thursday, May 25, 2006

death of a 1960s hotel

Death of a 1960s Hotel
Among the many things I did over the long weekend was snap some shots of the Inn on the Park demolition. Once the abode of the jet set, the hotel gradually declined until its closure early last year (though my family stayed there a few times in its Holiday Inn phase and found the rooms were fine enough for them).

The following pictures were shot under wind tunnel conditions. The grey, drizzly skies felt appropriate while looking at the remains of the complex.

Boarded Up Peeling Away
Until I drove around the site, I hadn't realized just how run down the exterior had become, especially on the side walls at the back of the east tower.

To Check In No More
The lobby entrance, facing Eglinton. Note the crooked light.

Graffiti artists making use of a temporary canvas, next to a site directory.

I almost succeeded in creating enough shadow to shoot this picture of an interior sign by the east side ballroom entrance. Almost.

Coming Soon: Retirees
The fate of the west tower (in front of the east). The rest of the property is slated to become a car dealership.

There are more photos on Flickr.

The Toronto Star's Christopher Hume on the start of the demolition.
National Post article outlining its history.
Commentary from Spacing.
Notes from the Urban Toronto board, including a 2005 obit for the complex from Toronto Life.

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