Friday, May 26, 2006

walking at liberty

After reading their site for awhile, I went out on a Toronto Psychogeography Society walk last night. An article in the Globe this weekend was the final push I needed to check them out.

Last night's trek: Liberty Village.

Chairs In The Mist
Near the Toy Factory Lofts, we wandered by a warehouse full of tables, chairs and antique furniture. The haze in this picture is due to the dust encrusted on the window, likely from the heavy construction in the area.

Toilet #1 Toilet #2
Down by the Gardiner, we wandered into an abandoned building. I had never really in one before, though I've been curious about sneaking into one ever since discovering various sites on Detroit's abandoned gems. My overactive spider-sense kicked in early - a few initial creaks from a corner sent half the group scurrying out of the building. When nothing popped out, we wandered back in within a few minutes. Though there was enough light filtering through to not make it a blind trip through the building, most of the items required a snapshot or two to figure out what we wandered by. The property had been vacant for some time - shattered windows, dust-covered floor, remnants of furniture, etc. A major find: a pair of toilets that wouldn't have been out of place in Trainspotting.

Up A Level
The ground floor included this raised level.

Office Set
The remains of an office on the raised level.

The Vehicle of Eyes
Besides abandoned office furniture, there was this "eyes"-ful of a vehicle.

There are more pictures on Flickr.

Definitely going to check out future walks... - JB

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