Thursday, December 01, 2005

subway stylin'


As mentioned on several other sites, the Toronto Community Foundation has proposed sprucing up several University-Spadina line subway stations with art to reflect nearby landmarks. Museum will be the pilot next year, with mummified pillars to represent the ROM, while proposals for Osgoode (Four Seasons Centre) and St. Patrick (AGO) have been unveiled.

This cranked up the wheels in the brains of the Warehouse design team. We submit our proposals for other stations:

Davisville - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Obelisks for pillars. Murals of famous residents of the cemetery, including Mackenzie King (at a seance), various Westons, Masseys and Eatons (and their businesses), etc.

St. Clair - A big mouth, for CFRB. Hot air pumped onto the platform.

Summerhill - Photographs of winos sitting against the platform walls, to salute the monster LCBO outlet.

Yonge - Any number of themes could be used here, from literary scenes (Toronto Reference Library) to the HBC blanket colours...well...blanketing the station. If any tapes exist, Ben Kerr tunes could be piped in at night.

Wellesley - Rainbows filling the walls.

Dundas - Wall-to-wall advertising, as on the streets above.

King - Images of different kinds of beans, representing either St. Lawrence Market or the Financial District (beancounters...get it?)

Union - Scenes of a busy platform, indistinguishable from the actual commuters in the station. Let chaos ensue when riders bump into the people on the wall.

St. Andrew - Scenes from past productions at the Royal Alex/Princess of Wales/Second City, or other theatrical representations. Pillars designed to look like Victorian actors.

Queen's Park - Heated arguments in Question Period, government artifacts, a collage of Ontario's premiers or paintings of protestors.

St. George - U of T officials selling out the school.

Bathurst - fully-lit, scale-sized versions of the Honest Ed's marquee, except these flash "Bathurst".

Pape - similar to Bathurst, except the station name is surrounded by a neon flaming saganaki. Cries of "opa!" played every five minutes, or before a train departs.

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