Monday, December 12, 2005

gourmet's gallery: pineapple crush

Crush Pineapple
Sobeys, Acton, ON

Whenever I visit Guelph, I drive home via backroads, usually Highway 7. Except for the odd streetracer wannabe in Georgetown, it's far more relaxing than risking sleep or meeting up with south-of-the-airport traffic on 401. I'm amazed at how each time I drive along 7, Georgetown and Brampton inch that much closer together - when I owned my first vehicle in '98, Brampton sprawl began at Hurontario, now it's at broken-up Creditview Rd, with no signs of its westward march halting anytime soon.

The occasional break along the way helps. One such stop, in Acton, produced today's find. This Sobeys had more drinks from the Maritimes than their Toronto locations - is there a greater concentration, per capita, of down easters in Acton? Crush Pineapple is definitely not something you see much around these parts.

Package Notes: Typical Crush label, with curved logo, splash and fruit represented my artificial flavours inside the can.

What's It Like?: Very, very yellow. Much brighter than Mountain Dew or Mello Yello. Could not be used as fake piss in a movie or practical joke.

Definitely has never come in close contact with a pineapple, but it's not overwhelmingly sweet/cheaply artificial in the taste department.

This Sobeys also sold Crush Birch Beer. Brown can, expected. Purplish-pink colour, not expected. The taste was somewhere between cream soda and root beer.

Would You Buy It Again?: Sure. Whether it's worth the drive to Acton is debatable.

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