Sunday, December 25, 2005

all I want for chrismas is a loaner toyota, a loaner toyota...

Adventurous start to the holidays...

After battling everyone else who left the city early, I drove to Guelph to meet up with old university chum Dayna to exchange gifts. We made a quick trip out to Conestogo to grab some goodies at a Mennonite bakery.

We were almost back at her place when another driver decided it would be a great idea to run a red light and shave off my front bumper.

Results: a night in Guelph enjoying the goodies from Conestogo, a call to the insurance company, my first stop at the Guelph Farmers Market in years (where I found Mennonite cookies for Mom that the other bakery had run out of) and a drive home in a 2005 Toyota Corolla.

Before anyone asks, physically I am OK. My car should be OK too, as it appears the only damage was in the bumper area. The only side effect will be a few more trips to Guelph than I intended this season...which isn't a bad thing. - JB

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