Tuesday, December 20, 2005

political sledding

Second entry of the week, second flashback to childhood.

A recent post over at the Spacing Wire shows a kid gliding on a makeshift sled pieced together from an Olivia Chow sign.

Neat new idea? Nah.

I grew up on Fryer St in Amherstburg, across the road from a field and quarry. By the side of the road was a giant ditch, which occasionally provided fun for the lunati...er...upstanding leaders of tomorrow at my school bus stop. After the 1988 federal election, a large number of signs for the losing Liberal candidate, Ray Robinet, found their way into the ditch (our riding was going through an NDP interval between members of the Whelan family). The election was in November, so it wasn't long before the first snowfall hit. A lightbulb went off in someone's head, so for a few days, kids attempted to fly down the side of the ditch.

I don't think I took a trip - I was in grade 8 and would have either looked down upon the "sleds" as childish or worried about getting wet from the puddles at the bottom. I wouldn't come close to a sled again until traybogganing at U of G. - JB

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