Sunday, June 12, 2005

gourmet's gallery: trader joe's moroccan butternut squash soup

Purchased at Trader Joe's, Burlington, MA

Package Notes: Clear glass jar that promises "a hearty and savoury vegetarian soup...filled with tender chunks of butternut squash, potatoes and garbanzo beans, this unique soup is a quick, savoury and inexpensive trip to the Northern reaches of Africa."

Let's compare the price of a journey. flight from Toronto to Marrakech (with connections in New York and Casablanca) - $3,165.67 CDN
Cost of Trader Joe's soup - $2.75 CDN (based on today's exchange rate)

What's It Like?: It's what Amy would call a "grilled cheese soup" - a hearty tomato-based soup with the chunks promised above that would be suitable for dipping a sandwich. Nicely seasoned, not spicy, goes down well.

Would You Buy It Again?: No question. Have to wait until July to find more - hopefully TJ's Detroit-area locations carry it. - JB

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