Wednesday, June 22, 2005

gourmet's gallery: tastykake snowballs and jelly krimpets

Puchased at an Acme in Clifton, NJ
I rarely buy snack cakes, but made an exception on the roadtrip. I'd read raves about Philadelphia-based Tastykakes over the years, so why not give them a shot? But what to pick - Butterscotch Krimpets? Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes?

The winners, chosen through the highly scientific eeny-meeny-miny moe, were Snowballs and Jelly Krimpets.

Krimp on this!


Package Notes: Nothing oddball, just a smart blue scheme. The Snowballs were wrapped individually, while the Jelly Krimpets were in two-packs.

What's It Like?: The Snowballs were very fresh, with moist cake and non-sickly vanilla filling lying under a mound of coconut-studded "marshmallow". Didn't have an overwhelming chemical taste like some bargain-basement cakes. My mom would have liked these, even if they weren't pink like the kind she used to get.

The Jelly Krimpets did not live up to the brand name. A blah, bordering on stale, sponge cake with a transluscent red filling that barely looked or tasted like jelly. Not even worthy of being used as the bottom layer of a trifle. Had hoped for something like a jelly roll, instead got a bad Twinkie wannabe. I was never a great fan of Twinkies as a kid and it's been at least 15-20 years since I've eaten one. These don't make me want to try one anytime soon.The one upside: they're tiny, so if you discover you liked them, one wouldn't kill you.

Would You Buy It Again: Thumbs up on the Snowballs, thumbs way down on the Jelly Krimpets. Both make me understand why snack cakes are not a part of my diet (eat too many of the former, revolted by the latter). - JB

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