Sunday, June 12, 2005

anchors away

Busy weekend in these parts. Spent Friday night down in Cabbagetown, hearing Paul and his buddies spin tunes at the Underdown. Like last time, I made a prolonged exit. My first attempt to leave ended when I wound up being pulled aside by one girl to answer a round of 20 questions, which was fun but proved when you put me on the spot (especially by an attractive interrogator), my mind empties.

Spent Saturday on the road, on a trek with Maria down to Buffalo to the birthplace of the deity of bar foods, the chicken wing.

Me in front of the Anchor Bar. For full details, check out Maria's site (June 12th entry). I will add that the spaghetti with meat and mushrooms ($9.00) was of gargantuan proportions - the salad alone would have made a normal-sized meal (the spaghetti sauce had an average jarred tomato base, but the added meat and mushrooms were tasty).

Driving north along Main from the Anchor, we came across this charming insurance sign. It was a change from Cellino & Barnes billboards.

Just before returning to Canada, we stopped for gas in Niagara Falls. The first pump I pulled up to was out of order except for one fuel ($4.59/gallon). Every pump was equipped with racing fuel, the first time I've ever seen it. Wonder what would happen if you accidentally pumped some in... - JB

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