Thursday, June 16, 2005

gourmet's gallery: hurst's hambeens 15 bean soup with ham

Purchased at Market Basket, Billerica, MA

Package Notes: Eye-catching label. Key ingredient: Prepared Bean Mix (Contains Fifteen of These Bean Varieties: Northern, Pinto, Large Lima, Garbanzo, Baby Lima, Green Split Pea, Red Kidney, Cranberry, Small White, Pink, Red, Yellow Split Pea, Lentil, Navy, White Kidney, Black). Adds up to at least one of these beans will not be in your soup.

This soup comes from Indiana, but I've never seen it in neighbouring Ohio or Michigan. What it's doing in New England is a good question. I know that my Mom has used HamBeens dry 15 Bean Soup packages over the years.

What's It Like?: About as close to homemade soup as I've bought, except for the use of starch as a thickener and a hint of artificial flavour. Lots of beans, lots of ham chunks. Nice smoky flavour.

Would You Buy It Again?: Yes, though it also makes me crave a bowl of Mom's bean soup. - JB

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