Friday, May 28, 2004

on the radio - show #1

It wasn't an auspicious start.

Hello There - John Cale
Playing the first track on the first of my summer run of radio shows went OK. No vocal fumbling when I switched on the mike. Announced the next track as The Who's I Can't Reach You. Went to start the CD player...

No sound.

The player decided it didn't like my copy of The Who Sell Out. Panic, as nothing else is going right. See, the station has new CD players, but they're sensitive beasts and not user-friendly in their operation.

Next time, I taking a tape of the old TV signoff classic, Syncopated Clock, to play in such a situation.

Never Had A Dream Come True - Stevie Wonder
Sun Watcher - Albert Ayler
My Cherie Amour - Roland Kirk
Compared To What - Roberta Flack

Grabbed the nearest disc I had, which was Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered and lauched into a soul/jazz set. One mishap along the way - my Manu Dibango disc refused to play, otherwise Hot Chicken would have followed the Ayler.

Goin' Out Of My Head - Wes Montgomery
1-2-3 - Jimmy Smith
Comin' Home baby - Mel Torme
Save Me - Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
Walk On By - The Stranglers

Continuing in the same vein, then veering into organ-heavy pop. The Stranglers track was the only request of the evening, a cover of the Burt Bacharach with what seemed like the mid-section of Light My Fire tacked on.

Roses In The Snow - Emmylou Harris
This Old House - Loretta Lynn
The Overture - Carolyn Mark
Back In Baby's Arms - Patsy Cline

Bringing the hour to a close with rootsy recordings. The Cline track was a panic move after another disc dceided to be fussy.

One-Act Play - The Collectors
Basement Band Song - The Organ
Caroline, No - They Might Be Giants
Good Vibrations (demo) - The Beach Boys
Dreaming Of You - The Coral
Yesterday's Papers - The Rolling Stones
Beechwood Park - The Zombies

Hour two begins with two slices of Vancouver Rock, 36 years apart, then a mini-Beach Boys segment, then Britrock, which would have been the first set if the technical problems hadn't flared up.

Happy Go Lucky Girl - U Roy
Oh Linda - Gordon Lightfoot

Not ready to head into the feature I had planned for the last quarter of the show, picked two tracks at random from the pile o' discs in front of me.

Time Fades Away/journey Thru The Past/Yonder Stands The Sinner/L.A./Love in Mind - Neil Young
I've decided to resurrect a feature of my old show, playing old albums (often way out of print), only this time it will be one side per show. This week, side one of Neil Young's gloomy 1973 live album Time Fades Away. Secret sneaky reason for this segment: boost the CanCon and save time on putting station albums away.

Today Is Sunday - The Barmitzvah Brothers
The Walking Song - Evelyn Parry
A Million Miles Away - The Plimsouls
Sex (I'm A...) - Berlin

Was left with some time before the hour was out, so brought the CanCon up to par (the first two tracks - first was kinda cute) and some 80s stuff lying around. Collected my breath, switched on the BBC and drove home, knowing next time will be less of a battle.

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