Thursday, May 13, 2004

dia 134: tugboat bill wants to move you

Tugboat Bill wants to move you. He really does.

The latest chapter in the shifty movers phone message saga (last chapter ws on January 6th - see the archive) found our intrepid moving with a new name and "new" spokesperson. Best Price Movers is now Athletic Movers, and Janos/Jimmy/Boris/Reggie is now Tugboat Bill. He has also lost any trace of an accent and even appears to be taking lessons in concise diction (not as many "ummmm...s" tonight). I saved it, and will dig for the tape recorder that's buried somewhere in the bunker to tape it. One of these has to be immortalized.

It's Day 134 of 2004, according to the TTC transfer. A busy one, as far as 134th days go. Pushed loads of paper of work, with one-page documents flying fast and furious. I keep praying none are lost in the shuffle (there have been close calls, but none would have been earth-shattering). Saw off Andrew (our team's coordinator), who's off to relax in Greece for three weeks. Went outside briefly at lunch, but fled back indoors to escape the sauna. Looks like we've gone from winter to summer. Saw the Groucho Lady puffing away illegally in the Yonge-Eg Centre. Got an e-mail from CFRU offering me a slot every other Friday for the rest of summer (would like to accept, but indicated at least 4-5 Fridays are washouts).

After work, headed down to the west side for dinner at the Parkdale Gang's. Dee cooked up some BBQ chicken and a food I used to hate but Dad would now be proud of for me eating: asparagus (ah, memories of him driving outside Harrow to either stop at the asparagus stands or pluck it out of the ditches). Now eating things like the green stalk, sweet potatoes, zucchini...what's next? Back to dinner, it was all good. I took over some initial layouts for posters for her play, which she flipped over (based on the frames used for 40s and 70s DC comics and 60s-70s Marvel). Have to wait for some photos before I head back to the drawing board. Kiersten woke up from a nap and we all watched the last episode of friends (loads of camoes, the funniest being Robbie Coltrane as Daphne's indecipherable brother).

Dia 134 is almost done. Chatted a little with a new friend. Debating whether to hop into bed immediately or watch some more of the movie I started last night, The Devil and Daniel Webster. A coin toss if it will start or finish Dia 135.

(coin tossed in air...)

It'll end it. Good night, see you soon and drive carefully please.

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