Sunday, May 02, 2004

the first day-long walk of the spring

Spring's here, time to get the legs into shape. City-length walk!

Started at Yonge and Dundas, to look for a quick bite to eat. Passed on a pamphlet being passed out at the corner, though its name should have led me to give it a glance - Personal Hygiene in Islam. Next time I'm down there, I should take one and see what other works in that series I can come up (Changing Kitty Litter in Buddhism? Tracing Salmonella in Mormon? Taking Out The Garbage in Shinto?). Fueled up on shrimp and BBQ pork udon noodles at Lantern (Elm & Yonge), then a quick skim through the newly expanded BMV on Edward. It has taken over the space next door for an increased video section, including lots of public domain cheapies. Passed on those, but did put up some old issues of Mojo and Q, along with a cheap 1959 photography annual for future clipart use.

Wandered through the Eaton Centre down to Queen, then headed west. East of Bathurst, my backpack filled up, thanks to cheap 60s Mad magazines and a couple of used DVDs. West of Bathurst, gazed in the ever-changing windows, as more galleries, gift shops and restaurants move into the area. There's a few die-hard old-man hangouts left, but one wonders how many more days they have.

Stared in the windows of all the Polish bakeries along Roncesvalles, tempted to buy anything that would undo the benefits of the walk. Resisted temptation when I figured said goodies would be a crushed mess by the time I got home. Started to feel my energy level wane, so I caught the College streetcar once I hit Dundas. Figured I'd rest a little, then end the walk with a stroll through Little Italy.

One problem: College is a mess, due to streetcar track repairs. The car didn't turn at College, so I stayed on until Ossington, then took the bus up. Uneventful ride, except for a confused guy who held up the bus when he couldn't figure out that his transfer was outdated. Figuring I could use a longer rest and fuel for my tummy, I got off at College and crossed the street to Phil's BBQ. Pulled pork sandwich. Heavenly.

Browsed in Soundscapes on the way back east. Overheard heard some funky-looking twentysomething women ask the clerk if he had any Red Sovine. Yup, the king of maudlin country trucker monologues. Another case of stifling laughter before I left the store.

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