Monday, June 30, 2003

chicken run

Guess it's been a week since I last posted anything. Life's been busy in the interim - dinner with friends (one occured, one postponed), a trip home, opening birthday presents (even though the actual day isn't for two more weeks), watching my life flash by on the the 401...

The ride back last night? Not bad until Dutton. Just beyond the service station, I noticed a car gaining fast on me. I was driving in the right lane, so i figured the guy would pass and maintain my speed, around 110. Instead, they kept gaining, breathing on my tail. Then they starting flashing their high beams off and on, like a strobe light. Even though the left lane was clear, they refused to pass. I wanted to pull into the left lane, but my eyes were full of spots and the glare from the other car was too strong. I pulled over and they followed. Pulled back into the right, and the chase continued. Then there was some traffic ahead of me and I attempted to brake a bit, but the other car was not going to give any room.

My heart raced as traffic ahead was in both lanes and I was closing in. Thoughts about mortality entered my head, and sputtered out "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die..." Luckily, the guy in the left lane ahead of me pulled ahead just enough for me to slip in. Once past the two cars, the maniac sped back up and pulled even beside me. I did not turn my head, concentrating on the road ahead of me. I tried to put my panic aside. The other car pulled back a distance, and I soon returned to the right lane. They came back up on my tail one more time, but then around Hwy 4 some trucks appeared ahead of us.

I think the maniac must have had their fill of fun by then, as they didn't do anything else. I think I saw them get off at Highbury Ave in London. I stopped at the next service station and relaxed my nerves with a donut. I'm stumped by what caused the other driver to act so recklessly - I don't remember cutting anyone off, or pissing anybody off at the Dutton service station. Wasn't being a slowpoke in the left lane or going slow. Was it a drunk or a thrillseeker playing chicken?

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