Wednesday, June 18, 2003

one saturday in the city (1)

The folks down in the technical department here at the Warehouse thought it was Canada Day already...and left the place hanging. As a result, nobody's been able to update things for a few days. We corralled then back we're back, with a tale intended for earlier in the week.

Getting back into the writing swing of things today - spent the weekend enjoying the great outdoors. Wasn't in a scribbling mood yesterday, so I'll try to make up for it today.

Began the day at St. Lawrence Market, to check out a BBQ cookoff for lunch. Naturally, I ate fish and chips. Don't know what scared me off the BBQ - maybe it was the same menu and prices at each stand. Maybe it was the cheapskate in me hoping there was small, cheap samples from each place (instead, the smallest offering was a 1/3-rack of ribs for $8, no sides). Maybe it was the thought that I'll hopefully be indulging in grilled goodness while driving through Oklahoma and Texas this summer.

Next stop was Queen West. Feeling thirsty, I got into line for a drink at a bubble tea shop (wasn't feeling like the "bubbles" - needed maximum dose of liquid ). I felt a punch on my shoulder, but thought somebody might have bumped into me. A few seconds later, another punch. It was a middle-aged woman shoving me a pamphlet to give money to a deaf educational service, with old-style advertising typeface. This had happened to me a few times before, usually in the old Smithbooks store at Devonshire Mall in Windsor, and always struck me as a scam. She pressed the paper in my hand, then wandered off. I glanced, then crumpled it for disposal.

Then I felt another punch.

She returned, wanting me to give back the paper. Upon seeing what had been done to it, she grew agitated, sputtering in a way that made it seem like I was now expected to hand over some cash. Another arm punch, more sputtering. Stunned, I retreated into obliviousness. Soon she left, shaking her hands.

Two blocks down, I was in another checkout line, when I felt that arm punch again. She appeared to have forgotten what transpired at the tea shop, for she was smiling and trying to give me another paper. I managed to keep it out of my hands. It was odd to see the cold glares the cashier and everyone else in line shot the puncher.

If this was from a legitimate charitable organization, they need to rethink their canvassing strategy.

Next stop, Kensington Market...

In part 2, a ghost from the past comes back, but it is a good or bad one? Stay tuned, true believers!

"You would make a good lawyer."

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