Friday, June 20, 2003

one saturday in the city (2)

Ever have that feeling when you see somebody you were not on good terms with that your heart feels like it's going to burst out of your body like the thing in John Hurt's belly in Alien?

Had one of those moments at my next stop, Kensington Market.

I'm walking up Kensington, just as the vintage clothing stores turn into food shops. I look forward and my heart makes it move. I saw one of the few people I have ever blown up at post-childhood. It’s a long story I won't go into here (that might cause another large post error), but basically they pissed me and others off for a long time in university with misguided rhetoric that often harmed those they claimed to stand for. We worked together at CFRU radio at Guelph in the midst of a tense atmosphere, which blew up during a meeting where they were disrespectful to others in the group (mostly involving a finger). I reached the limit of my patience, yelled at the top of my lungs (not directly at anyone) and left the meeting. The person in question came into my office, made a snarky remark and I lost it on them...something like "and I've had enough of your f***ing condescending attitude." Another co-worker and I took a long walk to calm our nerves. The incident came up at my next job, but that’s a tale for another time.

I walked by, biting my tongue, figuring if anything happened, it was their first move. Nothing did, so I continued shopping. I was in a fruit stand when I ran into them again. I wound up in line behind them, where again nothing happened…though I noticed a look in their eyes that suggested either disgust or fear. No cheap verbal exchanges. Things were good. Heart beat normal.

Decided to head home next to drop off some food. Walked up to College and Spadina to catch a College streetcar, since the Spadina car was down and the replacement buses were sardine cans on wheels. I waited...and waited...and waited. 15-20 minutes and several Spadina buses went by. Gave up, went to catch a Spadina bus. Couldn't get on, as passengers were jammed as tight as I'd ever seen. Decided to walk over to Queen's Park to catch a subway. No College cars or buses passed.

After a pit stop, headed down to the Danforth for dinner. Wound up at El Sol, a Mexican restaurant that constantly gets raves. I tried to go here before, but 25 minutes went by before I walked out, nobody having taken my order (with hardly anyone there). Things were better this time out, though it still took longer than usual to get the menu. Proved to be worth it - had a delicious medium-spiced beef tortilla dish, one of those meals where medium makes one fear what "hot" would be like.

Walked down to Little India next, a bustling place on Saturday nights. Figured a quick fix of burfi (the Indian equivalent to fudge, usually based on a nut paste and condensed milk) would make a nice dessert. This is one of the few areas of the city where street vendors sell food other than hot dogs and sausage - one of these days I'm going to try some grilled corn-on-the-cob and chaat (usually too stuffed to do so).

The burfi quickly vanished as I continued walking through the Beaches, past the remnants of a craft fair. Went out to Neville ark, then took the Queen car back. Hopped on the subway and ended the evening with a quick stop in the Annex. Went home to collapse. The end.

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